Be Ready, Trick or Treat!

Each Halloween kids or all ages enjoy knocking on doors and surprising us with their costumes and request for candy and treats. Its fun and we know that the spooky character on the other side of the door has just a smile and a shout of Trick or Treat?!!

But, what about the times when we don’t know if we will find a Trick or a Treat? Fear of the unknown is one of the most common fears we face.  It is natural to feel a bit of fear when we face a change, plan to launch a new idea, or take a leap of faith into a new endeavor.

It seems the most common little fear comes in the form of worry. I personally believe a little worry is a good thing. And yet, when worry stops progress, it is time to tame the fear. Don’t let the Monster of Worry get big and scary behind a door of Unknown.

Define the Unknown.

Play the “What if?” game.  Go ahead and bring forward your worst case scenario.  Begin to name and acknowledge the reality of the circumstances. Next, let yourself play the “What if?” game with your best case scenario. Reconnect to the energy of your vision and desire for positive change. As you look at each case identify Fact, Fiction and Open Questions to be explored.  With new information you have the choice and opportunity to create a back- up plan and/or improve on your current plan. 

Define your Strength and find your Courage.  

Reconnect with your values, your strengths and your passions. Think about the times you have successfully taken on the unknown and accomplished your goals. What personal attributes and skills did you use? Remember what it feels like to play from the essence of who you are. Find the courage to come forward with confidence as your authentic self, ready to take on the plans ahead.

When we are not using our time on worry we may engage that time and energy into new forward thinking action. Tame the Worry Monster, turn that fear back into opportunity.

Open the Door, Ask the Questions, Discover the Answers and Be Ready, Trick or Treat!

Coach Barb

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