Milestone 50 – Fear? Freedom? Find Fabulous

Milestone: a significant event or stage in life, progress, or development.

When you were 20 something did a time came when a passion was found or a vision was formed? Or was it that the reality of responsibility loomed and you began to make it happen. In your 30’s you may have been described as “driven”, in your 40’s you were “confident”. As you enter your 50’s, will the descriptor playfully become “fabulous”?   

When it comes to moving from one decade to another it is common to actively consider change. In the last few months friends, clients and colleagues have shared with me their thoughts on the “milestone” birthday that is 50. What made these conversations so interesting was observing how each person felt and approached this time of transition. For many the milestone created a surge of energy that sparked new interest and actively engaged an authentic, goal driven approach to what is next. For others, the energy struck them like a bolt, taking their breath away or it pulled like a magnet holding them in place.  It seems 50 can bring freedom and fear.

Where do you see yourself on this energy spectrum?

Are you buying into the story that at a certain age you are past our prime? Are you looking forward to the period on the end of a sentence and then realizing you are not sure how the next sentence will begin? Or are you actively planning what you will bring to your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond?   

Think about your achievements and the challenges you have faced. When have you been at your best? Is it when a specific opportunity exists? When your path is full of obstacles? When you are supporting others?  You have worked hard, come prepared, met your goals, achieved success, stepped in and stepped up. You have learned that success does not come just in pretty packages, perfect relationships and performance driven projects. Your success has been found on both sides of win and lose, in sickness and in health, in lessons learned, and in the bonds that are forged when the good friends do not go away with the good times. You have experienced a life full of joys and sorrows. 

So, why can the energy and emotions at the age of 50 feel different? What are you really excited about? And what are you afraid of?

Your leadership has brought success. Your support and assistance is acknowledged and appreciated. The ones you care for have found their wings to fly, or the peace to pass. Is the challenge that returning to “your life” is not always easy? You may just want to take a deep breath, rest and yes celebrate. Do It! However, the question will come; Now What? When the house is quiet or the career horizon is just a few years ahead, are you ready to deal with the change.

The answer can be Yes!

And yet it is a Yes that will be found among a few No’s. And that is the beauty of it. You know how to move forward be it yes, or no. Be willing to examine your current life.  What have you achieved? What remains unexplored? Where have you found a deep sense of accomplishment? What has brought you Joy? What challenges will arise and how have you prepared for them? How do you want to share all that you have learned? What new events will create the milestones in your life?

There is no right or wrong to be found in these questions.  There is an opportunity for reflection, acknowledgement and through awareness an opportunity for action.  Just has it did in your 20’s time will keep moving forward. Rather than let responsibility loom, how about reconnecting to or finding your passion, creating a vision and making a plan?  This is the time to raise the bar. This is the time to choose the things and the people you love. It is in these moments of choice that you will find your flow, welcome the pressure and find you glide.  You have always been ready to Play the Game! Now is no different.  Playfully engage you’re most authentic self for Joyful Living and you will be Fabulous.

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