Find and Stay True

As 2011 comes to completion, there is opportunity for thanksgiving and celebration, as well as reflection and preparation. As I rode home from my Thanksgiving Holiday I was listening to some wonderful jazz and thinking about the year that was and the year ahead.  My mind was dancing with thoughts of change; what had changed and what would change. I began to feel the pressure of how I was going to move through those changes.

As I listened the music transitioned into a story; a celebration. Son and poet Ellis Marsalis III read a poem he wrote reflecting on his father; jazz great Ellis Marsalis. In just six words of the verse I heard a message that spoke to the challenge I was feeling and offered guidance in how to move forward.  

The six words were these “….although the line not straight, true.” 

Now, I am not going to claim to have interpreted these words in perfect context and yet my take away was this; with integrity and flexibility bring your authentic self to each opportunity.

Fritz says in “The Path of Least Resistance” – to take active ownership in our desired outcomes our mind is most effective with a clear vision of an ideal in juxtaposition to an equally clear and non-judgmental perception of current reality.

My sense is many of us know our current reality. What is not clear is our ideal desired outcome. So this Holiday Season I am going to allow my thoughts to turn to dreams and with the Joy of the season Play with what “true” line I will follow into in 2012.

What about you?

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