Find Your Road to Peak Performance and Self Care

Here in northern New England the weather the last few days has been a vivid reminder that another season is coming to an end. The pumpkins are sporting white tops and the last few orange and red leaves on the trees are coming down along with the snow. As the “leaf peepers” head home and the skiers prepare for their journeys north this winter, it is a natural time to reflect on our own travels; where the year brought us and think about how to bring it home.

What do you do as you approach the end of a road? What do you do to prepare for the next journey?

In our travels we will all come to a place where one road ends and we are asked to stop and make a choice. Life’s natural intersections are not problems to solve they are just a place to move forward from.

I came across a road sign in Carmel, CA once that perfectly marked two of my favorite roads to a happy and successful journey.

"Two roads to authentic performance and self care."

When you come to the end of your energy or your ideas or just come to the natural completion, this is the time to return to an activity that allows a detour into your intuitive self. Find, trust and take a path that will bring your journey a fresh perspective and renewed energy. When you come to that place that stops you, turn towards the activity that will promote and engage your gratitude and love of life. Refresh your spirit and your physical well being. Renewed your best and your most authentic self will then be present when you return to the challenge, the opportunity and the choice. Give yourself permission, be brave, and make the time. Do not doubt the power you gain when you allow the time to calm the mind, give thanks and accept the guidance that will come.

Which road will you take when you come to one of life’s intersections? Which road will you choose to detour from the stress, and renew your most creative authentic self before jumping back into the High Speed lane?

We will not always find clear road signs to remind us to slow down or detour just a bit. It is up to each of us to map our journey well.  The work, the challenges, the opportunities and contributions are just around the next bend.  Be willing to take a path that leads to your Joy. It is Joy that brings clarity and direction to your journey.

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