A Lesson from the Road – Clearing Negative Energy

I did not know the story of his brother before that morning. I was first drawn to the beautiful work of art, and as I read the project story board, I was touched. As I looked at the carving more closely, a seashell filled with ashes that I noticed peaked my curiosity. This led me to ask a question and comment on the beautiful work.

The carver; Rick, came over and introduced himself. He answered my question, explaining how he burns sage before he begins to carve. This is done to clear the space of negative energy, and to bring peace and wisdom to his work.

I asked Rick to tell me more about what I read on the story board. He told me about how he lost his brother; more about the John T. Williams Memorial Totem Pole Project; and then he shared a bit more about his relationship with his brother, John. I offered him my condolences for the loss of his brother, and shared how I too, had recently lost a sibling — my sister, Laura. Rick listened, as I shared a bit about my sister and her wisdom. We each understood, as we spoke briefly of both the hurt, and the process, and promise, of healing. Rick spoke about how he called on the spirit of his Grandfather to have the strength and wisdom to lead with peace, finding his own healing.

The beauty of this energy is seen in both his art, and on his face. 


Coach Barb & Rick Williams - Seattle Waterfront

I am never disappointed when I take the time to ask, listen, and learn. Thinking about my encounter with Rick Williams reminded me to be aware of the energy that surrounds us — to acknowledge the presence of both negative, or catabolic, energy and positive, or anabolic, energy. 

How might your day change if you move away from the thoughts and emotions that drain your spirit?

What would be different if you began each day with an activity that invited joy into your day?

In the ritual of burning sage; there is a choice being made, to clear the negative energy and invite the positive. We all have the opportunity to make that choice. We all have the opportunity to find a ritual that invites a new thought; brings a new emotion; and leads our energy to new behaviors. Rather than be blocked by negative energy, or tolerate how it wears on you, make a choice. Each day give a bit of time to an activity that will shift your energy and set your positive intention?

What is your “sage burning ceremony”?

I found that when I gave it some thought, I had a few, and it was just a matter of choice as to how I would engage them.

Let’s share a few thoughts and “Play” with this idea. 


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