Sustainability – Playful Planning for improved Self Care

Let’s continue to explore and play with the idea of Sustainable Self Care using a triple bottom line of;

People = our desires and strategies for our Relationships and Social Connections.

Planet =our physical and emotional care, Health & Wellness strategies.

Profit = Spiritual; how we live a joyful life of purpose, abundance and shared reward.  

This month I jumped into the exploration of health and wellness strategies with a goal to find a sustainable plan for physical and emotional care.

Like so many new explorations I began with a Google Search. A search on “Health and Wellness” produced about 52,900,000 results. Ok, how about “sustainable health and wellness”; 2,690,000 results. I thought I’ll just see what some of the top 5 results had to say. I found what appeared to be promising information; for example a column dedicated to “sustainable health and wellness”. I clicked into the current month’s article and found an explanation on how eating seaweed would reduce the negative effects of radiation that comes from passing through airport security x-ray machines.

Reality Check! And time for a new approach to coming up with a sustainable plan.

I am sure I am not the only one who has been a bit confused and at times over whelmed with the amount of information on health and wellness. So, where to begin? It starts by getting personal.

Health and wellness are subjective terms. Each person has a different definition and a different starting point. That means each person will have a different approach. There, in lies a clue to a sustainable plan. Knowing your personal definition, as well as your ideal image of health and wellness, will help to set goals, focus your research, choose best practices, develop strategies and create action plans.

What are the health and wellness targets you want to achieve to have the energy to pursue the life you desire?

Consider Physical Dimensions;

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition/Eating habits
  • Agility/Flexibility/Movement
  • Exercise-Strength/Endurance/Cardiovascular
  • Playful endeavors

Consider Emotional Dimensions;

  • Stress Response/Reduction
  • Excitement
  • Happiness/Joy
  • Emotional Awareness/understanding/expression/control

With your definition of health and wellness in mind assess where you are today. What is your current physical and emotional health compared to your ideal? A perfect time to do this assessment is when you complete your annual physical. After all, before you start a new program you will want to know your capabilities and any limitations.

I am not a health and fitness “expert”. I am however a fit and healthy person that believes in the power of Playful Engagement; finding ways to Imagine, Relax and Reconnect for Authentic Self Care. For me it is not about perfection, it is about Playing with and creating the possibilities.

I’ll offer a few last tips for creating a sustainable plan;

  • Don’t overdo it! Start with small changes.
  • Set SMART goals.
  • Get clear on how your plan fits into your schedule.
  • Create accountability – find a partner, work with a Coach.
  • Track your progress.
  • Reward your success and forgive your slips.
  • Keep it fun, social and connected to your favorite playgrounds.

Connect to Joyful Living through Playful Engagement and find your most authentic healthy self

I hope you follow along on my “Ride the Glide” blog and take your own journey to find sustainable and authentic self care. Are you looking for a partner, a Coach? Set up a complimentary session and let’s explore how the power of Play can bring courageous, creative, carefree and caring energy to this opportunity for growth.

Visit to learn more.

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1 Response to Sustainability – Playful Planning for improved Self Care

  1. fredibakercoaches says:

    Love the idea of playful planning!!! For all aspects of my life, even managing my email overload and getting a good night’s sleep. Thanks for the idea – I will “Play” with the possibilities… 😉

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