Finding a Playground for Authentic Self Care – Body/Mind/Spirit

As you complete the first quarter of the year, are you finding your stride, starting to thrive, “riding the glide”? Or Not?

The change of season is a natural time to check in. Moving from winter into spring the year’s activities are usually in full swing.  Our new commitments, new tools, and new processes of the New Year have had a chance to be tested.

Lately I have found myself thinking about and discussing with various clients and colleagues the subject of time management and finding balance in our schedules. It seems “balance” is a constant challenge. When we look at our life, and even just our current schedule, we seek to answer the question of whether we are spending enough time in the most important aspects of our life, and dealing with the challenge of getting it “all” in.

An industry has been built on solutions for improved time management and finding balance. Depending on personality, perception and context, we can approach the balance question by improved systems to organize our activities, or we can focus on managing ourselves and our choices within the time given. Whether you are in Camp A or Camp B or draw from both, I continue to see a common adjustment made when our time and our activities get tight.  It seems our first solution for “not enough time” is to fore go “balance” and give up the activities and time we give to ourselves, our care, and our happiness.

Is this really the solution?

Without sounding selfish I just want to say; caring for our self is time well spent. Our health and wellness obviously affects our physical energy in life. When our bodies our functioning well, we have the energy to work, study, think and play. And, our health and wellness encompasses more than just the physical. Our health and wellness also have mental, emotional and spiritual factors.

When we deprive ourselves of the activities that feed our health and yes, our happiness, we are choosing to impact our ability to perform. It is not just the occasional missed workout, or missed gathering of friends, that I am talking about. Flexibility to address a crisis, complete a large project or serve a community or world need is often how we live to our life’s values. What I am addressing is when the “miss” becomes then a choice to no longer try to find the time for our own playful healthy activities. It is when the activities that support your health and happiness disappear from the calendar.

Well it is time to put them back in place.

I encourage all of us through our own playful engagement to create our path to joyful productive living. I encourage us all to cherish and protect the activities that raise our spirits and our energy. Find our joy and practice its engagement through our

  • Play
  • Creative Endeavors
  • Spirituality
  • And time with close friends and family.

When we give ourselves the opportunity to feel our heart, we come to our endeavors a whole person; with no hole of disappoint, or missed desire. We are happy and energized to serve. If not for ourselves, do it for the ones we love.

  • Who are they?
  • Why do they love us?
  • How happy would they be by our happiness?
  • Who would delight in our delight?

Think of them and get encouragement to give the gift of self care and bring a joyful spirit to the world.

Balance will remain a constant challenge and it takes active participation to get the most out of life. So after consideration and analysis it is time to return to our instinct to be happy. Let the joy and happy happen. Trust it, feel it, use it.

“Ride the Glide”

Striking and finding that balance, the “glide” in life is about being motivated, focused, and joyful with your time.

And taking care of yourself may just give you more time!!

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1 Response to Finding a Playground for Authentic Self Care – Body/Mind/Spirit

  1. mygreenadventure says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, Barb!! Your writing is always a source of joy and inspiration, and now more people can interact with you this way!! I can hardly wait for more posts…

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